Team Building in London


Here at Bounce, we think we know just a little something about  team building – you could even say we were team building London whizzes! So we’ve come up with a few handy tips on do’s and don’ts for your business’ big day.


Do make sure your team building London experience contains a plentiful supply of Ping Pong balls (we’re a little biased here but the facts don’t lie)

Do make sure all the team are fed and watered – hungry staff are mean to each other

Do pick an activity in central London so everyone can get home easily (Bounce is better connected than Meghan Markle)


Don’t make 76 year old Pam from Accounts do a 400m 3-legged race (she got weak ankles and you don’t want a lawsuit on your hands)

Don’t book your team building London activity through one of those awful old-fashioned pixelated websites that try to flog you giant Jenga and inflatable sumo suits

Don’t try and pair Martin and Julia – you know they can’t be in the same room since their breakup

To be honest with you, the best thing to do is book your team building activity at Bounce and we’ll do the rest. We promise you won’t regret it!