Team Building London Events


Team building London events are growing ever more popular in the modern business world, those in the capital are ever needing of a morale boost, a quick pick me up or just a general reason to have a bit of a knees up. There are the sceptics who cringe when they hear the term ‘Team Building’, which is fair enough. Almost everyone has been involved in one that hasn’t been well organised and that leaves you questioning life (maybe a bit of an exaggeration). But it’s safe to say that, when done properly, cross department relationships are formed, current relationships grow stronger, and spirits are lifted. There’s a lot to be said of a team building London event done well, and we happen to think we can help in that department.

Team Building London Events at Bounce

At Bounce we deal with groups on a daily basis, ranging from a few people, to hundreds. The nice thing is, a lot of the companies want the same thing. More team cohesion, a better working environment and a motivated work force. A team building London event will do just that, at Bounce of course. What we aren’t is your run of the mill team building event, we’re something much more tangible. We allow everyone to have fun at their own pace and in their own way, which is important as everyone is different. Throw in some healthy competition and gentle guidance from our fantastic Games Gurus to the mix and you’re on to a winner. We won’t leave you wandering around London looking for hints or trying to decipher impossible clues, nor will we let you hold the wrong end of the bat or using your hands to hit the balls (although we do have a game for that).

So we mentioned the Games Gurus, the champions of all team building events. Organise, Entertain, Award, is the name of their game. We organise your games and tournaments, we monitor the games and get involved too. With a little light hearted ribbing, and a few tricks up our sleeves to stop even the most competitive players getting carried away, this is something that your team will talk about for quite some time. Give us a call and find out more on 020 3657 6521.