The Perfect Gift Voucher for a Friend


Buying gifts can be tedious. Without knowing the precise tastes or wants of your friends or other loved ones, you may not want to risk getting them something permanent and costly – what if they don’t like it? The best thing to do is let them decide what to get. But you can’t simply ask them what they would like. Most people find such conversations rather awkward and get around this by simply giving their friends gift vouchers.

Gift vouchers give your friend the liberty to shop for what they would like within a given amount of money. Sounds good, but what gift voucher to get? If your friend is a fun-loving millennial or member of Gen Z, then the Bounce gift voucher could be the perfect gift.

How it Works:

Bounce is social entertainment like you have never seen it before. Centered around ping pong, a game universally played by all, old and young, athletically gifted and not-so athletically gifted, the entertainment experience is intensified by the surrounding setting of a bar, and a scheduled entertainment activity.

To participate, you simply buy a voucher and be sure to redeem it before you visit us at either of our venues at Farringdon or Old Street.

Why is the Bounce voucher  the perfect gift?

1.     Double the Fun

We understand that fun nights out are much better when there are two or more people involved in the fun.  This is why we are doubling the value of every voucher you buy now! Not to worry, these vouchers are valid for 24 months.

2.     Vouchers can be Used for Multiple Items

Your gift voucher can be used to pay for anything from ping pong sessions to other games such as well beer pong, and wonderball .You may also use them to purchase food. This way, the recipient of your gift can use them whichever way they desire.

Give Your Friend a Gift to Remember

Special items may get misplace or damaged even, but a night of fun at Bounce is a memory that may last a life time. And that is what gifts are about isn’t it?

To find out more, please contact us, and we would be delighted to walk you through the process.