Things to do in London at Christmas


It’s not just Santa Claus who’s coming to town this Christmas… Your sister has just text you and told you she’s coming to stay next weekend, and she wants to be entertained. So you had better get looking for some things to do in London at Christmas!

The thing about your sister is that she is not easily pleased. She doesn’t just wanna go for dinner – no no. How about a couple of drinks? Well that’s a start, but won’t quite cut it. Well you could take her to the cinema or something? You must be kidding. But how about if you combined food, drink, and an activity – say Ping Pong? Well that might just shut her up. Of all the things to do in London at Christmas, a night at Bounce is probably the only thing which meets her high standards.

Things to do in London at Christmas – Christmas Party at Bounce

And even better, come to Bounce this Christmas and you can join Santa on a magical global tour of all of his favourite drinks. Now, getting bladdered on spiced Cider and Hot Buttered Rum? That’s certainly number 1 on my list of things to do in London at Christmas! Book now.