Two Great Social Distancing Activities


With the arrival of autumn, with its colder weather and shorter days it can easily make you feel down and want to “stay at home” (which we all got used to by now. Thanks, Boris!) To avoid the autumn blues, it’s important to make yourself go out and about, explore places old and new, and just have some fun! With it getting colder outside, you might prefer to find some indoor activities though. And with the current situation in London (and the whole world), it’s also important to stay safe and practice social distancing while still having a good time. So what should you do?

Two Great Social Distancing Activities Ideas:

Other than eating out or enjoying a drink at a bar (which can, of course, be pretty fun too), most fun activities either require some level of proximity or a big group of people. As we all know, following the latest government restrictions you can only hang out with a group of six people or under. So what’s the most fun you can have in a group of six, whilst also maintaining social distancing to keep yourself and others safe? Here are 2 ideas you will like!

  1. Ping Pong

At Bounce, we’re deeply in love with this game, so as you might have guessed, ping pong is on top of the list! Given that competitors will be separated by a table approximately three metres long, ping pong is the perfect social distancing activity for people who enjoy competitive sports but aren’t necessarily looking for any serious physical exertion. At Bounce, the safety of our staff and guests is paramount to us, that’s why we have specific Covid safety measures in place.

  1. Wonderball

When technology meets casual sports, unique, futuristic games like wonderball are born! Wonderball takes the ping pong experience to another level entirely, by use of state of the art projection mapping. Intrigued? Find out more!

Come to Bounce for Exciting Social Distancing Activities

Hopefully, you feel inspired to try these ideas. If so, come to Bounce! We offer an immersive experience that combines three entertaining features: a bar, a restaurant, and fun ping pong games. Each of which can make a fun social distancing activity! Book your experience online or contact us if you have any questions.