Unique Venues In London – Bounce Ping Pong


Bounce, The Home of Ping Pong is easily one of the most unique venues in London. The concept around social Ping Pong has proven for many years to provide a successful team building, team bonding experience within the corporate, stressful reality of working in the City. It has also served as the perfect social venue for all special occasions and celebrations due to its cool, intoxicating trendy atmosphere. Surely there will be other unique venues in London for various other reasons, but what distinguishes Bounce from its competitors is the fact that it can host all types of events due to its versatility, and it caters for all tastes because everyone can relate and enjoy a bit of Ping Pong, great cocktails and the delicious food from our Italian-inspired cuisine.

Unique Venues in London – Bounce Ping Pong

What other unique venues in London lack is that one activity that will almost force people to socialise with each other that goes beyond any drinking games or awkward conversations – the easy-to-play, Instagram-friendly and potentially hilarious game that is Ping Pong. Not everyone can play it at a professional standard, but certainly every single person is able to hold a bat and a hit a ball (especially after a few Peronis, strongly encouraged). The fun of Ping Pong is contagious, it is social and it makes for a different night out, an experience with team mates, friends, family, your other half.

The inclusiveness of Bounce makes it one of those unique venues in London constantly sought after for that little something extra special in a city tired of routines and predictable nights out, boring menus, forced chatter with people you have nothing in common. What everyone has in common is the will to have a good time outside of that corporate 9-5 reality, something different than just a pub where you sit for a few hours, a club where you lose all your friends – Bounce is unique because it has it all.