Unusual Christmas Party Ideas for You and Your Friends


Ahhh, unusual Christmas party ideas. Also known as, the bane of my party planning life.

Christmas parties are hard enough to plan as it is, but here’s a little secret, everyone wants something new and exciting. So these days it’s the more unusual, the better.  Except, that’s not so secret anymore. Searches for unusual Christmas party ideas are at an all-time high, as the masses scour the internet in hot pursuit of the next big thing. Perhaps that’s why Bounce is the perfect solution. Although it’s not technically new to London, it’s been given a recent facelift of late in Farringdon and is looking and feeling younger than ever. Bouncier.

This youthful Bounce sure knows how to cater to a demographic of quirky party planners on the hunt for unusual Christmas party ideas with venues in either Old Street or Farringdon.  As we all know from Inception, (well if you’ve seen the film you will), it all starts with an idea. Plant that, and everything else follows like a tidal wave of serenity. Supposedly. But don’t hold me to that. Getting together with work colleagues who you like, (and those you don’t), for a festive fiesta has never been easier. Gone are the days of mingling in a dimly lit bar with the latest deafening chart hit blaring out of the speakers, making it impossible to hear what anyone is saying. Gone are the days of standing awkwardly amid a sea of acquaintances you see every day with nothing to talk about. I’d like to say gone are the days of potentially eye-scarring Christmas jumpers, but we all know that ugly Christmas jumpers are forever. Instead, Bounce offers the epitome of unusual Christmas party ideas; a ping pong party. It’s the least offensively Christmassy thing to do in London this December, with the added bonus that it’s actually fun. Whether you’re in one of the private rooms, have a dedicated semi-private area or just book yourself and a few pals a table. It’s fun with a twist, and it’s for the taking. So, take it.