What are the Top Bars in London?


So, you’re looking for the top bars in London, and so you should. London is an amazing city, a melting pot of cultures and home to a world of opportunity; but sometimes it seems hard to find the important stuff, yep, the top bars in London.

If you’ve been to Bounce before then you’ll probably know about our wide range of drinks, but if you haven’t, let us tell you why people enjoy coming to us for their liquid refreshments.

Firstly, Gin. If you’re a fan of Gin, (most people are) then you’ll enjoy the fact that we have around 40 different varieties for you to try; your very own ‘Gin Palace’ as it were. Gin or ‘dram’ shops were originally chemists which sold gin for medicinal purposes and later became “Gin palaces” in the 1830s as a result of the booming London population and economy. Gin palaces were built to be fashionable and lavish, with newly introduced gas lights. Bounce proudly sits close to the 18th century home of gin production and our beautiful bar pays homage to the old Gin palaces of the time. So there’s that.

If beers are more your thing, then we have a whole host of craft lagers, pilsners and ales for you to dabble in as well as all the popular brands you’d expect. Have a look at our drink menus to get an idea.

We’ve also got you covered in the cocktail department, designed in partnership with London’s multi award-winning mixologist, Andy Mil. 

One Of The Top Bars in London – Bounce Ping Pong

So think of us when you’re in need of your next tipple. You’re all more than welcome, come for a drink with or without a booking, we’re all friends here. Hopefully then you’ll be able to add us to your list of top bars in London.