What Do Cool London Venues Need To Have


In today’s era of going out, there seems to be new, cool London venues opening all the time. Sure, there’s a lot popping up, but what do cool London venues need to have to make them better than the rest? We’ve broken it down into what we think is most important and wonder if you agree.

Food – It 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, has to do food. Now, everyone has their own preference and favourite. For those of you who know Bounce, you know we pride ourselves on our fresh oven baked pizzas and our elegant and substantial a la carte menu which has something for every taste palate.

Drinks – Oh come on, you knew this was coming. If it doesn’t have a bar, serving at least a few cocktails and some craft beers, then it’s going to struggle to be in the list of top cool London venues. Bounce recently launched a brand new cocktail menu with more than enough variety as well as some of your favourite craft draughts. Accompanied by some old time favourites like Babybels and Frazzles, yes, the crisps. Fear not, Bounce’s new look, modern cocktail menu is definitely Instagram worthy and worth talking about on the group WhatsApp.

An Activity – It’s kind of an unwritten rule nowadays that if the venue doesn’t involve some kind of activity, it’s nothing new and won’t make you the envy of your mates. We encourage all ability levels to come and try their hand at one of our nations most beloved past times, Ping Pong. We all have that one friend who boasts they won’t be beaten, so we say why not them down, grab a slice, grab a drink and show them who’s boss.

Cool London Venues – Bounce Ping Pong

We think we do a pretty good job at combining all these elements into one universal space for groups of all sizes. This is what contributes us to being one of the most vibrant and diverse social entertainment London venues. But don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself.