What Is It About London Nightlife?


London Nightlife is world famous. Many people travel from all over the globe to experience it, just as much as they do for shopping and seeing the expected tourist spots. Music and going out is such a a big part of London culture and it’s easy to see why, with so many homegrown talents on our doorstep it’s obvious why it’s engrained in our capital’s identity.

Changes in London Nightlife

It’s also incredibly interesting to see how much London nightlife has evolved over the recent years, with new venues, bars, restaurants popping up constantly. The introduction of the night tube is also a game changer when it comes to making the most of your night. No longer do you need to cut your night short (for those near the right tube lines), or spend a stupid amount on a black cab or Uber, although, that really depends how drunk you get.


So if you’re planning your next experience of London nightlife, remember we’re only a Ping Pong ball’s throw from Chancery Lane/Farringdon with our flagship venue, and our 2nd venue is just a few minutes walk from Old Street station, so there really is no excuse not to come and say hello!