Where to Watch the World Cup in London


When I’m trying to find where to watch the World cup in London, there are a number of considerations to be made. I mean location is key. There are plenty of cute little pubs in an off street location, behind an industrial estate, right next to recycling bins, a 30 minute walk from Deptford. But that isn’t exactly what I’m in the market for when I’m looking to catch the crucial games. What I want is somewhere pretty central so I can either pop in straight after work, or easily reachable so I can come in at the weekend. Not much to ask is it really?! There are a few venues around central London where you can watch the World Cup but where can you watch it, followed by a game of Ping Pong and Wonderball? There is only one answer – Bounce. Well I guess that’s two answers then, as we’ve got two venues, one in Farringdon and one in Old Street. But let’s not split hairs.

We all know that the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world… And this year we’re feeling really confident that England might just win the World Cup. Well yes, we also thought that 4 years ago. And 8 years ago. And… you know what, let’s stop counting. But the point IS, this year will be very different. Jules Rimet’s still gleaming, and all that. And Bounce is going crazy for the World Cup this year – our two venues are 100% going to be the best places where to watch the World Cup in London.

Why Pick Bounce When Choosing Where to Watch the World Cup in London

So I guess you’ll want to know why you pick Bounce when choosing where to watch the World Cup in London? Well firstly, we will have an absolute tonne of screens in venue including (drum roll…) a 65” HDTV, which is officially London’s biggest indoor screen. You may have seen it at our Euros parties a couple of years ago – it brought crowds from all across London and beyond. We’ll also have an England Cheer Squad (our in-house trumpeter and drummer) to make sure that the atmosphere is en pointe all evening and so we can bring the party to the World Cup (so you don’t have to go to Russia).

But it doesn’t end there… We’ll also have beer specials, hot dogs, themed pizzas, and of course a bit of Ping Pong. It’s the ultimate marriage of the two beautiful games. So get yourself onto our free guestlists, which we will be open for the 3 England group games. And all the England games as the team coast to the final of a wave of clean sheets and stunning scoring. Probably.