Why Bounce is One of the Best Cocktail Bars in London


The twenty-first century has been an era for food and drink. The London social scene has driven a new social media craze, people taking snaps of their most photogenic food and drinks, so we decided to highlight why Bounce is a must hit spot and one of the best cocktail bars in London.

London’s cocktail market has had an awakening in 2016 serving up absinthe soaked sugar cubes and creating cocktail infused cloud bars.

Bounce has risen to the occasion, claiming stake as one of the best cocktail bars in London by creating its own special range of lively cocktails to reflect the energy of our specular social Ping Pong venues. The cocktail menu features bold interactive riffs on traditional cocktails inspired by retro Britain and forgotten Chicago.

Highlights of the menu include:

– Battenberg Negroni, which is not as random as one may think, the punch of the Negroni infused with the sweetness of the Amaretto and Battenberg creates a playful dance of flavours.

– The build your own Ping & Pong cocktail brings alive a colourful composition of layers that tickle your taste buds with a mayhem of flavours.

The menu, designed by Andy Mil, one of the founders of The Cocktail Trading Co. has run and opened some of the best cocktail bars in London. Along with his years of bar experience, he has accumulated enough cocktail awards to fill an old Mini Cooper.

So, get Instagram prepped, your phone charged, gullets prepped and taste buds at the ready. You’ve got a lot of drinking and snapping to do at Bounce.