Work Christmas Party at Bounce


Bounce is certainly not shy when it comes to the work Christmas party. We like it all reindeery and bauble filled, us serving you mince pies and mini Christmas Dinner sliders, whilst shamelessly blowing your ears off with jingle-filled ditties.  Misbehave! That’s what it’s all about, silly. No one cares. Let your ears down, take that bloody shirt off, or better yet, leave it on and drip salsa all down the front of it and just DON’T GIVE A CRAP. Work is work. That is why we need parties to remind us of what we are living for. Winter is quite grim what with all the rain and the spending and the family and the Brexit, that’s why we need a big party to celebrate celebration itself.

Bounce has to be the place for the work Christmas party not least because it’s filled with ping pong balls which, under the right conditions (say, 5 cocktails), closely resemble small snowballs, flying through the air, giving the impression of being inside a blizzard caused by the happy hooves of Rudolf as he gallops towards your house, tongue lolling out as Santa thrashes him.

What’s more Christmassy than a face full of cocktail juice all dribbly and wild, begging that fit one to come and lick it off your face? Not much, apart from the little rituals. In the past it was all about leaving a carrot in the fireplace for Santa to munch. Now it’s about wearing the most insane penguin-doing-a-backflip-over-a-snow-dolphin, knitted-from-the-wool-of-a-hundred-sheep, tw*t jumper.

But whatever you wanna do at your work Christmas party, you can do it at Bounce with the added thrill of having a bat in your hand and being able to control minute particles of snow in an all-encompassing avalanche.