Digital & Traditional Beer Pong

Farringdon, Old Street

Good news folks…Digital Beer Pong is here to stay AND we now have a traditional beer pong table for those who like it old school. Available in both venues.

For those wondering what on earth Digital Beer Pong is, well, it’s the first of its kind, a new and ridiculously fun way to play beer pong, but the twist … IT’S DIGITAL BABY!! (But don’t worry the drinking is still real life). Using state of art technology, the classic beer pong has been transformed into a giant computer game, introducing you to a whole new way of playing beer pong, Prosecco pong … or whatever your poison is.
The rules for both tables are easy, throw the ball and eliminate all your competitors cups and walk away a champion, it’s as simple as that.

Normal booking policies apply. Subject to availability.
Classic beer pong: £12 (30mins) £24 (1hr)
Digital beer pong: £15 (30mins) £30 (1hr)

For all classic beer pong bookings, or exclusive areas please enquire with our team on 020 3657 6525
Your beer pong duration will depend on your group size.

For Digital Beer Pong, our beer pong cups are filled with water.

Drinks are not included with a Beer Pong booking, but can be pre-booked or ordered in venue.