Bounce has had a Farringdon facelift

Now Reopen


It’s finally happened, we are officially reopen with new EVERYTHING! YASS!

You can expect a whole new look designed by style architects Russell Sage, NEW hangout area, NEW dance floor, NEW cocktail range, NEW food menu… and NEW (even more) beautiful Ping Pong Gurus.

Why not also try our new anti-ageing G&T, YES you’ve read that correctly! We’ve created a carb-free, sugar-free G&T with Collagen, yup actual collagen, which means we can make ourselves skinnier, younger and even hangover free while drinking all the gin we wish – Is this not just the BEST G&T in London? We think so, come down and try it for yourself! It’s strictly exclusive to Bounce, Farringdon and goes great with our new lobster tacos, chubby chips and cake pops.