Friday Lunch Package

Every Friday, 12-4pm

Farringdon, Old Street

Getting lunch is the best bit of the working day. It just is. But it can be underwhelming if you aren’t lunch-wise.

I mean, you’ve been to all the places near by. The organic quinoa dealer, the Rueben sandwich maker, the Thai/Vietnamese fusion power lunch combo.

You’ve stood in the supermarket looking for the only sandwich you actually like just to find there is only prawn left. With LIGHT mayo…

So let us decide for you.

Each and every Friday, at Bounce will sort your lunch right out with any pizza, a glass of Prosecco or a pint of Amstel or Heineken as well as a game or three of Ping Pong for just £15 per person.

Be the envy of your office when you come back from Lunch even happier than when you set out. Just turn up, easy.