Old Street, Farringdon

Everyday I’m shufflin’!

What’s shuffleboard we hear you ask?
Well it’s kind of like bowling meets air hockey. But also kind of not.
All you need to know is it’s great craic with laughs guaranteed!

Step right up to your own shuffleboard table and go head-to-head with your competition. The object of the game is to use the paddle to propel the weighted pucks into the scoring zone in order to win points. Whether you’re a puck pushing pro or you’re a first timer it’ll all be alright on the night as our team are on hand to show you the ropes. Plus we’ll obviously have all the delicious drinks to whet your whistle and help you get your game face on.

£5 per person.
2-4 people: 1 table for 30 minutes
5-12 people: 1 table for 1 hour