Smashers & Slicers

Every Monday 6:30pm-10pm

Old Street

Yeah, so some people just like to head home on a Monday, have a whine about their day, have a wine about their day and go to sleep after a whole M and S meal and some functional reality telly. I mean, its fine, I guess. BUT IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS! 

Don’t you ever wonder what other stuff is going on in London (one of the world’s two great cities I should add) on a Monday night? Well, there is the ‘Smashers & Slicers’ weekly event at Bounce, Old Street for a start.

Each week, over 80 dedicated Ping Pong lovers gather for very loose, prize-based ‘drop-in, drop-out’ games, tournaments and unique social Ping Pong games played nowhere else on Earth!

For only £5 you get all this and more, from 6:30pm-10pm every Monday from 29th January at Bounce, Old Street.

After work drinks specials available until 8pm. Tickets available before and on the door.