Good vibes all round

- Good vibes all round- Good vibes all round- Good vibes all round

Bounce has been delivering our guests fun memories since 2008. We are super proud that our core game is ping pong as it is so amazing to play. Not only is it fun, but there are plenty to studies that have linked playing ping pong with having both mental and physical health benefits.



You don’t need to have played before to pick up a bat, a newbie can have as much fun as a pro. Just get ready to have a laugh with your pals!

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The original Bounce in Farringdon is located on exactly the same site that the game of ‘Ping Pong’ was first created and patented in 1901 by Jaques of London.

Founded in 1795, Jaques of London (the oldest sports and games makers in the world) created some of the finest indoor and outdoor British family games including: Croquet, Snakes & Ladders and The Staunton Chess Set.

In 1891 John Jaques II invented Gossima (as Ping Pong was first known) – a game made for the dining room. Born from the frustration of tennis surpassing croquet at the, then, Wimbledon Croquet club.

Luckily in 1901 John Jaques III re-branded Gossima to ‘Ping Pong’. Hence why we are: The Home of Ping-pong.