Booking Policies

Booking in at Bounce

When you get booked into Bounce, the amount of people in your group size will determine the amount of activity tables and the length of time we can allocate you.

We charge on a per person basis which is taken at the time of booking. This is the cost of the reservation. We can’t confirm the reservation without this payment. The amount we charge is based on the activity table. This costs either £6.00 per person for ping pong and/or Wonderball and £5.00 per person for Beer Pong and/or Shuffleboard.

We will cap the amount of people we charge to 18 people. Any groups larger than 18 people will then have to pre-order food and drinks to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Pre-ordering at Bounce

When you have your booking confirmed, you can pre-order food and drinks for the booking. This is a great idea if you have a larger group or if you want to beat the queues at the bar! You will have up to 48-hours before your booking to pre-order and pay for your pre-order.

We also cater for Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free guests. If you want to understand what we have available for our guests, please contact our bookings team.

Exclusive Areas

If you are booking an exclusive area, you will be able to hire this for up to 4 hours. We will ask for a minimum spend to secure this booking. The minimum spend will depend on the area you choose. All minimum spends are used towards your food, drinks and entertainment for the evening. To book an exclusive area, we will need to take a 10% deposit of the minimum spend of your exclusive area. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. The remaining balance is then due 7 days before the booking. At the time of booking, we will inform you of the total cost of the area you will be booking.


If you want to cancel a booking at Bounce, you will need to inform us with 48-hours’ notice of the reservation date. Within 48-hours of the booking, we will not be able to cancel or amend any bookings.

Covid-19 and Bounce

At Bounce, we want to make sure our guests feel safe and supported. If your booking is affected by Covid-19 you must contact our Bookings team on 0203 657 65 25 or at We may not be able to refund your booking if it is within 48-hours, but we will always offer you a reasonable solution for your booking.

Under 18’s at Bounce

Bounce is primarily an over 18’s venue. When we aren’t as busy, we welcome under 18’s until 6pm. This is usually Monday-Saturday Before 6pm. After 6pm all under 18’s must leave the venue. All day on a Sunday under 18’s are able to enjoy the venue.


Please note CCTV is in operation in our venues for the safety of our staff and guests.