Ping Pong

Let's bounce
- Let's bounce- Let's bounce- Let's bounce

Like most things in life, Ping Pong is more fun with a group of your pals. At Bounce you don’t need mad Ping Pong skills to have an epic time.


Available for 2 – 6 guests.



Booking your table beforehand is highly recommended to ensure you can have your preferred time but if you can't pre-book then pop by and check if we have a table for you with our super lovely reception team.

Group size

2-6 people


£6 per person

Why Ping Pong? Why Not...

  • It is great for the mind
  • It gets you moving
  • Ping Pong connects people, both players and spectators
  • You can play competitively or just for fun
  • It is impossible not to have a blast when you play