Shuffleboard & Shuffle Rebound

Everyday I’m shufflin’!
- Everyday I’m shufflin’!- Everyday I’m shufflin’!- Everyday I’m shufflin’!

Oh yes, we're on the shuffleboard hype! Never played before? Well, it's like a table-sized game of curling. Super fun, super addictive and we just know you're gonna love it! Simply pick your team and push your pucks to victory...

Shuffle Rebound

There’s a NEW GAME in town.

Similar to our classic Shuffleboards, you slide the puck down the board with the aim of landing in the scoring zone.

Only, with our new Shuffle Rebound, you bounce the puck off the back wall, making it return down the other side. Slide too light and you risk scoring low or no points, but slide it too hard and the puck could drop off the edge.

2-8 people: 55 minutes

From £5 per person


Step right up to your own shuffleboard table and go head-to-head with your competition. The object of the game is to propel the weighted pucks into the scoring zone in order to win points.

Our revolutionary tables are curved to add a new dimension to the original game. Ride those curves to wind your way up the playing field. #WeLikeThemCurvy!

Whether you’re a puck pushing pro or you’re a first timer it’ll all be alright on the night as our team are on hand to show you the ropes.

2-4 people: 1 table for 30 minutes
5-12 people: 1 table for 1 hour

From £5 per person

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