PostedSaturday, 7th May 2021

Conference Space – Think Different to Create a Unique Experience

When organising a conference, one of your top priorities should be to create a unique experience. Why? That’s how you stand out from the competition. That’s how you create a lasting positive impression. Most people are far too familiar with the regular conference centres and hotel conference rooms that offer the same services. That said, creating a unique experience means you will need to think differently. One way to do that is by finding a quirky conference space.

Quirky Conference Space- 5 Ways it Can Help you Create a Unique Experience

1. Quirky conference spaces often have features or offer services that are not seen in other places. That alone will “wow” your guests.

2. Your attendees will definitely be impressed by a unique conference space. This positive atmosphere will set the tone for the meeting and will impact the overall success of the meeting.

3. Quirky conference venues are usually more likely to have a versatile approach. This means they are often more customisable, therefore, giving you the opportunity to make the space your own.

4. Quirky meeting spaces encourage creativity and also promote participation during the event.

5. It transforms your event from a standard procedure or an obligation into a worthwhile experience.

BOUNCE- The Ideal Conference Space for Your Event

When it comes to quirky London venues for your event, few places can promise to deliver a memorable and unique experience as Bounce does. We provide a technology-friendly workspace for your event, as well as a comfortable and practical space to create a productive atmosphere. It does not end there, we also have a bar and restaurant you can use to take a break and replenish your energy. And to crown your event and make it a truly unique experience, you can have fun through a few games of ping pong. This is a great game for groups because it encourages networking. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a pro, just remember to have fun.


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