PostedWednesday, 11th May 2021

Looking For The Best Bars in London?

It’s Friday, its half an hour before you finish work, it’s been a long week and you need a drink. But you don’t want to go to the same old bar you always go to, you want something a bit different, you want something with amazing drinks but also something a bit unique. You want to go to one of the best bars in London. Well, we have exactly what you need right here at Bounce.

Our beautiful bar is stocked with incredible and unique bespoke cocktails that are guaranteed to blow you away. And we have a restaurant serving up some of the tastiest pizzas in town!

But I haven’t told you the best part yet. The Ping Pong! If you’re bored of your normal bar or pub and you want to try something new, exciting and different and you want to come to one of the best bars in London, then this is it! Our bar is packed full of beautiful Ping Pong tables. You can hire one for you and your work mates and play all night while feasting on pizza and drinking great booze.

Now for the very best part. If you want to take your night to the next, ultimate level you can book one of our incredible Game Gurus. They will run fun, silly and exciting games for you and guarantee that you have the very best night.

So, if it’s one of the best bars in London you are looking for, look no further.

We have everything you could ever possibly want right here at Bounce. It’s bound to impress anyone you bring.


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