PostedWednesday, 11th May 2021

Meeting Room – Must-Have Features for a Productive Meeting

While you might love running your business at home or in a restaurant, there are times you need a dedicated space for important meetings with clients or colleagues. Finding a great meeting room is a game-changer, and the following features can make all the difference to your work environment:

  1. Good lighting

Having your meeting in a dark room is not really a good idea, it’s just not welcoming. Your meeting room should have a reasonable amount of light to ensure you are able to read documents, take notes and view presentations. What’s more, a well-lit room is known to improve productivity.

  1. Practical and tailored to your needs

A good meeting room needs to be very practical and able to accommodate your unique needs. For example, it will be good for it to have a good amount of writing space for people to take notes, as well as other materials such as whiteboards and markers for illustrations. The meeting room should also have expansive spaces that can be utilised for specific purposes such as syndicate sessions, brainstorming, and team building activities.

  1. Technology –friendly

A modern meeting needs to be technology-friendly. You shouldn’t be struggling to find a charging spot for your devices. The meeting space should also have basic equipment/amenities such as projectors, internet connection, excellent sound system etc. Having all these will ensure your meeting goes on smoothly.

  1. Recreational spot

A recreational spot is possibly one of the most underrated, yet a much-needed feature of a modern meeting space. A relaxing and fun spot comes in handy during long meetings when people need a break to recharge. It is even better when that recreational spot accommodates social games like Ping Pong which is known to encourage networking.

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