PostedTuesday, 3th October 2022


As World Mental Health Day (Monday 10 October) prompts millions to examine the things that have the biggest impact on emotional wellbeing, Bounce is encouraging people to explore the benefits of ping pong by providing free sessions to guests.

The benefits of playing ping pong have been linked to maintaining positive mental health (the recreational sport could be the key to relieving tension, clearing the mind and de-stressing), new insight from psychology experts has found.

Dr Simon Moore, Chartered Psychologist and CEO of behavioural strategy agency, Innovation Bubble, endorses the fact that not only does ping pong increase heart rate and movement, but he also notes that the game requires total concentration, creating a meditative state which aids relaxation and stress relief.

Dr Moore said: “Ping pong not only offers proven health benefits such as moderate cardiac workout, calorie burning and muscle/joint mobilisation but as a sport it also offers positive psychological outcomes. It is an inclusive sport, not defined by gender or age, and by being accessible to a broad range of demographics it enhances social connections and interactions.

“This offers psychological uplifts against isolation, depression as well as encouraging interactions with a wide variety of people (which feeds our deep-seated needs for social connectivity and exploration). Ping pong has been shown to be great for improving and maintaining cognitive function in relation to such things as hand-eye coordination, reaction times and problem solving.”

Physical exercise has long been linked to improved mental wellbeing and along with the added benefits of increased concentration and mental focus required, the benefits of ping pong are there for the taking.

TalkSport presenter, ex-Premiership footballer and professional boxer, Leon Mckenzie, said: “Finding ways to de-stress and take care of our mental wellbeing has taken precedent for us as a society now, which has been a huge step forward. My career in football and boxing has made me a passionate advocate of the powers of physical exercise to maintain mental wellness. Sometimes I’ve had moments my mind gets cloudy and It’s been a struggle to do what I know helps.

“However, when I do make exercise a priority, I’ve always felt better mentally so any positive light shed on forms of exercise like ping pong, is fantastic. Physical games like ping pong can be used as a method for people to make time for fun and relaxation, as well as to feel fitter. Having a balance of both physical and mental wellness really does make life better.”

Guests will be able to enjoy free games at Bounce Old Street from 4:30pm on World Mental Health Day.

Quote the code Ping Pong Mind Strong on the door to gain free entry. Walk ins only.

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