PostedSunday, 28th November 2020

The Most Exciting Social distancing Things To Do Now

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It’s fair to say that most of us have been living a far too predictable routine in recent months. We all have Covid-19 to thank for that. This translates into more social distancing. And it might not be very pleasant if you have gone through all the interesting movies on Netflix, and your walls seem to feel a little closer than before. You’re probably wondering, “Are there some social distancing things to do now?” We thought you’d never ask.

1. Play Ping Pong

When looking for social distancing things to do, you can’t really go wrong with Ping Pong. This is the perfect recreational activity to enjoy with your flatmates as you will be separated by a table approximately 3 metres long. The good thing with Ping Pong is that it is very engaging, but it is only physically demanding if you want it to be. The rules are quite simple, making it perfect for first-timers to enjoy the fun immediately.

2. Play Wonderball

What happens when you use technology to play a game already awesome in its own right? You get Wonderball as a reward. This is a completely new immersive activity that makes use of ultramodern projection mapping to transform the Wonderball table into a giant computer game. This is a really friendly game for novices. As if Ping Pong wasn’t great already, this game ensures you enjoy a new futuristic experience.

Come to Bounce for the Most Exhilarating Social Distancing Things To Do

Don’t let that party crasher ruin all the fun! There are still a couple of exciting social distancing things to do while following current health guidelines. Come to Bounce for an unbeatable entertainment experience that includes great games, a well-stocked bar and an unrivalled menu. We have also taken some extra measures to keep you safe. Get in touch with us for information.

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