PostedWednesday, 27th April 2021

Where To Go For Fun Nights Out In London

London is probably one of the best places to have fun in the world. This megacity is full of every type of entertainment you could think of, catering to every age group, gender, and proclivity. For fun nights out in London, the options will range from visiting the thousands of bars and restaurants, tens of night clubs, movie theatres, and so on. If you have lived here long enough, most of these won’t be new to you, however, you might be thinking of trying something new. If this is you, you’re going to love the Bounce experience!

Come to Bounce for Fun Nights Out in London!

At Bounce, we’ve set out on a mission to revolutionise the experience of a night out. We know that London is full of fun places and things to do, but what if you could have one experience that combines the best of three? Read on to see the three reasons why you must visit Bounce if you’re looking to have a fun night out in London!

1. Immersive Experience

The Bounce experience is built around the ping pong table — we realized that ping pong is a game loved by pretty much everyone, cutting across age, gender and culture divides. At Bounce, groups of family and friends can play ping pong or other related games such as beer pong.

Laidback sporting activity is not all that there is to enjoy at Bounce, however, as we have an amazing bar and restaurant. Our food alone is worth visiting for, as our head chef knows exactly what people like and has put together a fantastic menu including a range of cocktails, wines, and other beverages.

2. You Can Watch Your Football Games Here

We know how important football is to most of our clientele, and that’s why we make sure you can watch pretty much any game of football while you’re here, from the Premier League to the Champions League, and many more. Once you’re done watching your games, you can go right back to being a sports hero of your own, at the table tennis table.

3. We Have Gift Vouchers!

Thinking of the perfect gift for your fun-loving friend or sibling? A fun night out at Bounce is sure to be a memorable gift. Simply offer your loved one a Bounce Voucher that will grant them access to the premises, along with food and drinks for the value of the voucher.

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