WE DID IT! Winners of Best Team Building Events in the UK. Thanks to Prestige Awards and their COOL VENUE Awards 2018, recognised as the leading events awards in the country.

But how to turn a humble Ping Pong table into an amazing team building event? Simply add the Bounce Games Gurus!
The Games Gurus are active London comedians and entertainers who take your group through a series of games designed not only to be entertaining but also encourage team work, team bonding and co-operation.
These games have been specifically developed at Bounce in order to reward the group, less focus placed on one v one and more on doubles and team games.

By ensuring there is a variety of games for all skill levels, the Bounce Games Guru experience will reward everyone in the group, encouraging those who are less experienced to;

  • Learn a new skill
  • To get over the initial nerves of having to play a game in front of colleagues
  • To have a real sense of achievement when they have broken down these initial barriers

And for those who are a bit more competitive, there are traditional games of doubles included which allow for genuine competition whilst communicating with your doubles partner.

The games guru experience really helps take your team building event to another level, allowing leadership, communication, enthusiasm and team work to flourish.

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