Proof that you need not go anywhere else in London, it’s all here!

Dommett Disco

Sat 29th June, 9pm - late


One of the UKs biggest stars of comedy and TV is joining the Bounce team for a night of weird, wonderful, and downright emotional music. Yep, that’s right; JOEL DOMMETT!  The dreamy man himself on his DJ DEBUT!!! And on the night, hit him up on the ‘Dommett Request Line’ – you’ll be able to WhatsApp, call & facetime Joel himself with all your music request and needs 😉 Yes… Anything…

Digital Beer Pong

(But don't worry the drinking is still real life)


The first of its kind, the PONG Connect table is a new and ridiculously fun way to play beer pong, but the twist … ITS DIGITAL BABY!!

Happy Hour

Mon - Fri, 4-7pm

Farringdon, Old Street

Good news, Bounce likes you. No no, not ‘like’ like, this is just friends. But because Bounce likes you, we wanna be the best friend and get our round in.

Love Island

Every night, 9pm


Good news folks, you no longer need to dash off home just so you don’t miss the action, as we’re now showing EVERY episode at our Farringdon venue.

Spice Gurl: Bottomless Brunch

Sing along ping along zig a zig ah

Old Street

In honour of the Spice Girls Reunion this summer, possibly the best thing to happen this century or forever!

Glitch Comedy Club

Sun 7th July, 5.30pm - 8pm

Old Street

Finish your Sunday in the best way possible, laughing until you can’t even draw breathe at Bounce, Old Street for a brand new night of comedy with the Glitch Gang Comedy Club.

Bottomless Brunch

Every Sunday – 1-3pm

Old Street

There’s nothing quite like singing ‘LETS GET FIZZICAL’ while drinking bottomless Prosecco as you dance around a Ping Pong table. The best part is knowing it’s during the day and no one will even bat an eyelid.

Ping Pong With Pride

1st and 3rd Sunday every month, from 4pm


Welcome to All Tea No Shade Sundays, an inclusive meet-up where LGBTQ folks can get to know each other over Ping Pong.